Flash Scratch Off

Looking for a cool way to run a give away or a new way to run a contest? Look no further! Our Flash Scratch Off is the perfect way to attract visitors to your promotion. With Flash installed in nearly 99% of all browsers, what better way to combine the fun of a scratch off with the eye-catching power of Flash? We have also been featured as a hot site by USATODAY for using our scratch off to give away Gmail invitations in the past.

The Flash Scratch Off is customized to fit your needs. You determine the number of winning options. You determine the odds of winning. You determine the look of the scratch off card. Visitors love the Flash Scratch Off and keep coming back to play again and again.


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Pricing starts at $899 which includes:

Additional Options Include:


The ability to store winning user's information in a database requires MySQL and PHP. The ability to email a winning user's information requires PHP. Text and images are to be provided by the customer.

Note that you are purchasing the Flash movies (.swf) needed to power the scratch off and not the Flash source file (.fla). We offer licensing options on our scratch off code so you can edit the source code and customize it as often as you wish. To learn more, contact us or email admin@notonebit.com