NotOneBit creates websites. From simple, handcrafted, standards-based designs to custom programming and development, we're here to help you communicate your message to the world.

NotOneBit creates websites. From simple, handcrafted, standards-based designs to custom programming and development, we're here to help you communicate your message to the world.

Has your registration form been filled up with spam? Do you need to protect yourself from automated scripts that repeatedly fill out your forms with junk information? Then look no further than KillBot. KillBot integrates with your forms to protect against malicious input so that only legitimate data gets through. Whether its a registration form, poll, or guestbook, KillBot can help you stop them from being abused.

From our free edition that protects against many automated bot attacks, to our professional version that delivers rock solid protection including an audio option for accessibility, KillBot can help you or your organization protect against false form submissions. Check our our KillBot demonstrations for more information.

Simple Mailing List

Simple Mailing List is a PHP and MySQL based open source mailing list. Unlike some other mailing lists, Simple Mailing List was designed to focus on the important features in a mailing list while being easy to use. With features like bounce checking, email confirmations, scheduled mailing, throttle limits, and bulk importing of email addresses, Simple Mailing List has everything you'd want in a mailing list wihout any of the fluff an unnecessary features others have.

With SMTP support, blacklisting, and easy member management, Simple Mailing List is in use worldwide by organizations big and small. And since it's free, what do you have to lose by downloading a copy and trying it today? Click here to learn more.

Flash Scratch Off

Looking for a fun new way to run a promotion? Check out the original Flash Scratch Off. Created in Adobe Flash, the NotOneBit Scratch Off is the perfect way to attract visitors to your promotion. Users can scratch off a virtual instant win ticket without getting any of that annoying gray dust on their hands. The scratch off can be customized with as many winning options as you need using your images, text, and odds that you set.

With Adobe Flash installed in nearly 99% of all browsers, what better way to combine the fun of a scratch off with the eye-catching power of Flash? Our scratch off has been featured in USAToday and countless promotions. Click here for a demo and more information.

Download Manager

Do you have files available for download but you have no idea how many people are actually downloading them? Do you need to limit the amount of bandwidth the files you offer are using? The Download Manager can not only track any number of files you need to monitor, but it can shut off downloads automatically when you need to. You can use built-in CAPTCHA protection to ensure that your files aren't automatically and repeatedly downloaded which consumes bandwidth and skews statistics. View download statistics with built-in charts or export a CVS file for further analysis. The Download Manger has an easy to use, intuitive interface that makes it the ultimate application in download management. Click here for a demo and more information.


We specialize in designing websites that use PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. From the backend to the frontend we have you covered. Do you need a database driven order system with an administrative interface? Or how about an AJAX powered form or user interface JavaScript effects? We create code that works in all major web browsers so you don't have to worry about someone not being able to properly view your site. Secure, well written code is essential in a website today. Can you or your business afford not to ask for the highest standards? Click here to learn more.

Generic Login System (GeLS)

Are you looking for a fast, easy to use login system? Are you looking for a way to password protect part or all of your website, but don't have the time or knowledge to code an entire user management system? Look no further! Everything is ready for you out of the box. Check out some of the features: Security built in, quick setup, can be customized to match your site's design, "remember me" login, forgotten password recovery with reset wait period, customizable password complexity rules, open/closed registration (administrator confirmed accounts), reCAPTCHA enabled, administration area, email notifications, jQuery enhanced registration, active user count, can be integrated with PayPal subscriptions, and more! Click here for a demo and more information.